Top 3 Casino Jackpots

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It’s always amazing when we hear of big online casino wins and think that those winners are just full of luck. Well, yes, of course, but it happens more than you would realize in the casino world. We just don’t hear about all the wins. The online world is also regulated by strict laws and regulations so if you think that the house always wins think again.

There are amazing stories out there of winners that never even dreamed of winning the jackpot. Most of them just went online for some fun and wound up becoming millionaires.

Not only is gaming and online casino life fun and exciting but it is also very rewarding. And those winnings happen when you least expect it to.  Many online casinos out there have a mega jackpot that keeps rolling over, but they also have lots of slot games with huge chances of winning as well. You never know when you can turn that €150 deposit into €1,500, €15,000 or even €5 million.

Here are our top three Casino Jackpots right now.

3. Arabian Nights – €630,000

Arabian Nights is another popular one right now that is also a pooled jackpot. However, this one can also be localized meaning that you can either play for the progressive jackpot for that specific casino  or the pooled jackpot across all casinos that offer that game. The game will allow you to know which one is which with the jackpot being displayed. Their average payout percentage is 95% and the jackpot right now stands at around €630,000.


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2. Mega Fortune – €2.4 million

Mega Fortune Jackpots, another progressive jackpot are also huge in the jackpot game. Right now, their jackpot is a whopping €2.4 million and growing rapidly. Their average percentage payout is also around 96% .

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1. Hall of Gods – €7 million

Hall of Gods, a video slot game, for example right now has a jackpot of over 7 million euros and it keeps growing! It is a ‘pooled progressive jackpot’ which basically means that it increases with every spin that is made in any online casino that offers this video slot game. There are three different progressive jackpots within this big one giving the player more chances of winning. The first jackpot is the smallest but the biggest win in this one is still around €8,000.  The second jackpot, the midi can have winnings well into the hundreds of thousands. And then there is the third and largest jackpot the €7 million delight. The average percentage payout for this game is 96% and  the third jackpot being won an average of twice a year with winnings around €5 million!


We shouldn’t even have to tell you to try this one out. Try it here.

dog-plus-moneyJust a few examples to get your blood pumping. You don’t need much to start off with. There is normally a minimum of €0.25-€0.50 bet and the max bet around €50. Most if not all online casinos have awesome welcome packages that give you free spins, sometimes even before a deposit as they are all too happy to have you there. Its way too much fun to try it just once. Sometimes you can even win on those free spins. So get into a game now and find out if today is your lucky day.



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