Unexpected individuals turned famous gamblers

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Although the world seems to be moving online and land based casinos seem to face a dreary future against the online gaming with their free spins, fast deposit systems and bonuses, we are taking a walk down to a more simple time, where gambling was more social and less technical.

Real or fictional, who’s one of the most famous gamblers that springs to mind? Refined, smooth and stylish James Bond, the infamous 007 is iconic for his passion of the casinos of Europe.
Surprising or not, Sean Connery, the real man behind the movie persona has also had his share of luck in the casino. The man who played 007 in the initial Bond films, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland, and was exposed to gambling from an early age. He had explained that as a child he had accompanied his father during gambling activities in the pubs of his youth’s neighbourhood. This start catapulted him into one of the most famous gamblers in history, achieving impressive wins during his activity.

James Bond, one of Sean Connery’s most well-known roles, was introduced to the world through the unforgettable scene of him lighting a cigarette and introducing himself with the iconic phrase, “Bond… James Bond,” during a high-stakes game of Baccarat.

Bond’s behaviour in the casino established him as a man of class and fine taste. His success, of course, also made the audience look up to him. Sean Connery himself, though, was no slouch at the gambling table, becoming something of a legend for his seemingly impossible win shortly after his breakthrough role in Dr No.

Dr No was released in 1962, and although the reviews were mixed it had a roaring financial success.

Even more impressive was the fact that on his trip to Casiono de Vallee in Saint-Vincent, Italy, in January 1963, Sean managed to win a great deal of money in only a few spins at the roulette by landing consecutively on the same number 17 he had initially betted on. It was a win that defied all odds.

But Sean wasn’t done. Betting on number 17 a number of 5 times in total, the ball landed on number 17 for the third time. As a result, Sean Connery walked away with an incredible 17 million Lire win, which translates into about £163,000 today. Not a bad night for the 007 actor.

Legends were born around his gambling after that win and statistics showed that the most commonly played number in Roulette became 17. The producers introduced the scene in the 1971 007 Diamonds are forever film, the character winning by playing the same number.

Sean Connery, ladies and gentlemen: iconic actor, successful gambler, legend maker!

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