Howard Stern with Dan Bilzerian

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Dan Bilzerian has become a household name after exploding into the public limelightin the past year through his social media accounts. What is so special about Dan Bilzerian’s SM accounts? Well, Dan leads a life that many would be afraid to publicisie, including a lot of sex, drugs and poker, and he’s enjoying it to the max.

The professional poker player has also dabbled in acting actor and has done things by the age of 33 most will never live to do in a lifetime.  Parties with Playboy models, buying a G4 and having a heart attack from taking too much Viagra and mixing that with cocaine, Bilzerian’s out there lifestyle has transformed him into a social media icon – gaining 3 million Instagram followers to see his “p***y of the day post.”

So much so, that even Howard Stern had to find out what was attracting Playboy playmate quality type women on a nightly basis into Dan’s bed, wherever he may have been in the world. In the hour-long interview, the host and his guest dive into Dan’s most personal topics ranging from his arrest in high school to how he came to earn over 50 million euro from one poker game