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The Evolution of Social Gaming

Anyone who has a Facebook account has had at least one friend send him a Candy Crush or some other similar type application invitation to play. Now, if the norm is for individuals to have access to send others that are in their friend lists requests to &#

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Blackjack for dummies

Blackjack is another table game which is favoured among casino games. Having said that, statistics show that many people play with great ignorance to what is going on in the actual game, straining their finances in the process. We wanted to compile an eas

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Howard Stern with Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian has become a household name after exploding into the public limelightin the past year through his social media accounts. What is so special about Dan Bilzerian’s SM accounts? Well, Dan leads a life that many would be afraid to publicisie,

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Unexpected individuals turned famous gamblers

Although the world seems to be moving online and land based casinos seem to face a dreary future against the online gaming with their free spins, fast deposit systems and bonuses, we are taking a walk down to a more simple time, where gambling was more so

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